Mental Health First Aid - FAQs

Do I have to undertake the eLearning component myself online first?

Yes – the online eLearning component takes approximately 5-7 hours and must be completed prior to starting one of the two Instructor led sessions.


Do I have to complete the 5-7-hour eLearning component in one sitting?

No, you can take your time to complete this and we recommend breaking it up into stages so that you can process and retain the information more easily.


Is the eLearning component content the same or similar to the existing face to face standard MHFA Course?

Yes, the content is the same and hasn’t changed, it is just delivered differently via an online portal.


How many instructor led sessions are there? How are the delivered and how long do they take?

Once the initial eLearning component is completed, you will need to undertake two separate instructor led sessions which each take 2.5 hours each. We deliver the instructor led sessions via online Zoom technology. (or other virtual platforms if needed)


I have never used Zoom before, do I need to install anything or have a special device?

No, we send you a link which is accessible on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device that does not require a download or installation of software.

We do recommend using a laptop or tablet so you can see other participants, and MHFA require you to turn on your camera therefore you must join a session on a device where we can see your face.

Are the instructor led sessions interactive and can I ask questions throughout?

Yes, the Instructor led sessions involves a mixture of learning, online discussions, white-board sessions, breakout room conversations and the ability to ask questions of the trainer and each other.

Is there a really big group of people on the Zoom Sessions?

We can run a session with max of 12 participants on each course.


What are the benefits to undertaking a Mental Health First Aid course online?

There are many, including:

  • The course can now be done in a flexible way that is better suited to your individual needs.

  • The new course fee is set at a fixed rate for every course, no matter where you take it throughout Australia.

  • You may join a session with participants from all over Australia.


Is the final accreditation the same as the existing 12 hour face to face standard MHFA course?

Yes, the final accreditation and existing content has not changed, only the delivery method.


Do I need an MHFA manual to do the eLearning? (component one)
An online MHFA manual is provided for all eLearning. Participants have access to manuals online via the eLearning component from time of purchase. Course participants can access this at any time via their dashboard when logged in to their MHFA accounts under My MHFA manuals. Please note, this is free to use online but not available to copy, share or download and we do not have the option to send a PDF version. You do have the option of purchasing an official MHFA Manual and this will be mailed to an address of your choice and our team at PsychAssist will arrange everything for you - Postage cost for the Manual is additional.

Do I need an MHFA manual to do the Blended Courses? (component two)

You do have the option of purchasing an official MHFA Manual and this will be mailed to an address of your choice and our team at PsychAssist will arrange everything for you. For Blended Courses we ship a hard copy manual with every single enrolment and with bulk voucher purchases. Postage cost for the Manual is additional.

How long do I have to complete the course?
You have 12 months from enrolment to complete the course.

I am trying to choose between the Blended Online MHFA Community Course and the Blended Online MHFA Workplace Course. Can someone please help me with this decision?

The Blended Online MHFA Community Course is designed for the general public with conversations and scenarios for the community (assisting friends, family and extended community networks), whereas the Blended Online MHFA Workplace course is designed for people wanting to learn and apply mental health first aid skills within workplaces and work environments to assist co-workers.​

What if I can’t complete a refresher course before my accreditation expires?
Participants have up to 3 months after their accreditation expires to complete a Refresher Course and the online assessment.

How do I know when I'm due for a refresher?

First aiders will receive a reminder email 6 and 3 months before their accreditation expiry date​

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