About Us

At the Office

We are Committed

We are committed in providing you with education and training using the the latest evidence-based approach.

Our advanced experiential learning techniques help people in a safe space, develop the skills needed to recognise mental health problems, build emotional resources and mental fitness BUT it doesn't stop there!


PsychAssist offers ongoing support AFTER the training has finished and access to our online hub of resources!

Team Meeting

We are Highly Experienced

At PsychAssist our team are all highly experienced facilitators with Post Graduate qualifications in mental health and psychology (so you know you’re getting the best, fully qualified people). 


We are passionate about what we do and our courses are so much more than just education, they go deeper into aspects of Neuropsychology, Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, and Positive Psychology.

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We can Customise Your Training

Evidence based and interactive workshops can be tailored to your organisation's individual needs.  Get in touch with our team to tailor your own unique training program!

We Offer Consultancy

We have developed a team who will operate to meet the needs of organisations - enabling business leaders to create a Mentally Healthy Culture.  We can provide insight into how organisations can ensure their employees remain connected, engaged and productive.